2 men found dead in church parking lot - Hickory Daily Record

posted on 07 Aug 2015 10:06 by obsequiousunder17
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CONNELLY SPRINGS - A Pair Of men had been discovered dead in a Connelly Springs church parking area Monday night, according to a Burke County Sheriff's office news release.


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The Burke County Sheriff's Workplace responded into a contact referencing two unresponsive men inside a pickup truck inside the parking lot of Philadelphia Baptist Church in 7502 George Hildebran University Street throughout Connelly Springs, according to the news release.

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The night the music stopped - and brought the house down - The Guardian

posted on 06 Aug 2015 01:21 by obsequiousunder17
Dionysus is the god of wine as well as of being, in every respects, "beside yourself".

Despite our ignorance in these points, my team won, so we were awarded laurel wreaths. Standing in the arena about Saturday night, I had your perception that I ended up being not just hearing the music activity yet feeling it wash by means of my entire physique - an almost ecstatic encounter (and almost all to find a mere fiver).

Two: that ancient Greek author wrote any particular one swallow will not make a spring? (For the answers, discover below.)

It must happen to be terrible for her - in fact, within a bizarre way, it had been rather amazing on the woman's behalf audience. Regarding a new start, her dignity had been admirable. Natalie Haynes set the particular fiendishly brilliant questions, and also I'll give that you simply couple about which my team stalled.

He can furthermore be the god of theatre, nevertheless certainly one of the nimble reasons for Euripides's play is actually that this aspect of his divinity is by absolutely no means really mentioned, only shown: for the action can be strongly involved along with theatricality, using the putting on associated with costumes, using the adopting associated with disguise, with temporary states of being.

And finally ... About Sunday, the Almeida wear this kind of event, part of its Greeks festival. (It reminded me involving seeing, as I possess done a handful of times, the ballerina fall after which simply get herself up along with dance dazzlingly again).

Nerd which I am, my idea of fun is really http://andhira.com a quiz, as well as my notion of heaven is a quiz containing exclusively questions about ancient Greece. the quiz

That night, having played the initial 1 / 2 of the particular D minor partita's Allemande, Ibragimova certainly not so much suffered a lapse involving memory as, perhaps, took an incorrect turning within the complicated labyrinth involving Bach's writing. With this moment I was, unfortunately, momentarily reminded associated with Carvel's furthermore superb performance as the completely horrid headmistress Miss Trunchbull inside the RSC manufacture of Matilda your Musical - that ended up being maybe a moment regarding meta-theatricality as well far.

There's absolutely nothing show-offy or perhaps flamboyant with regards to Ibragimova's playing: just commitment plus an utter concentration which pulls an individual inside along with holds anyone still, despite your vastness with the Royal Albert Hall. I think I can easily possibly say that my most memorable concert of your season may be along with gone: I can't really imagine something more extraordinary compared to Alina Ibragimova at the BBC Proms, where she's got performed, over 2 late nights, the particular complete unaccompanied Bach works with regard to violin.

Talking regarding ecstasy, I found Bakkhai at the Almeida within London final week. Ben Whishaw, as I'd expected, was delicious casting as Dionysus - all silken malice and sexual ambiguity. The Lady stopped playing, collected herself, gazed sternly at the floor, put your ex violin below your ex chin, and began again.

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Second, it gave a little inkling regarding just exactly what a high-wire act it's to do almost all of those intensely complex along with virtuosic works, and also from memory - a real feat of risk and also daring.

One: as for you to what Christmas 2014 film does the actual Parthenon frieze within the British Museum briefly seem (full title just accepted)?

Dragged in to become able to the past. The Particular outstanding Bertie Carvel, playing Pentheus, duly appeared throughout drag. I have got devoted mine to Athena Nike already.


Photograph: Guardian

It has been an virtually ecstatic experience, and most sorts of for a mere fiver

One of these acts regarding disguise is actually when Pentheus, king associated with Thebes, can be tempted from the god straight into dressing as a female to become able to spy in his female relatives

Comcast upgrades its Internet essentials plan - USA TODAY

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Cohen in a post on Comcast's company web website, consist of enhanced download speeds from 5 Megabits per 2nd to 10 Mbps for no extra coast as well as a free Wi-Fi router. "Integrated with our new rate increase, it will certainly now be less complicated for numerous family participants to link to the Web simultaneously," Cohen said. Cohen made the statement in West Palm Coastline, Fla., where the first aviator program will certainly begin with the Urban Organization of Hand Beach. Families obtain Web solution for $9.95 month-to-month and also could buy a Net-ready computer for less compared to $150.

The Net Essentials program expanded out Comcast's purchase of NBC Universal; the Internet and cable carrier consented to enhance broadband implementation to low-income residences for 3 years. To obtain the much faster Net downloads, clients need only reboot their cord modems.

A sign is published in front of a Comcast solution fixate July 13, 2015 in San Rafael, California.(Image: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images).

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Comcast's Net Basics program is currently offered to households which contend least one youngster eligible to take part in the National School Lunch time Program, consisting of public, parochial, private, and homeschool pupils. Ever since, even more than 500,000 family members-- or greater than 2 million Americans-- have gotten online through the program.

The upgrades, announced by Comcast Corp. Now, the company is carrying it on voluntarily. "Net Fundamentals is really born from Comcast's late owner Ralph Roberts's vision to purchase our neighborhoods, due to the fact that when the communities we serve prosper, everybody perks," Cohen stated.

Comcast is upgrading its Net Basics plan as well as establishing a brand-new emphasis on obtaining elderly people connected.

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Comcast is additionally releasing an aviator program to assist low-income elders recognize and utilize the Net. A number of added pilot programs will be revealed in the weeks ahead, Cohen claimed.

Current Net Fundamentals customers who want a Wi-Fi router can call 1-855-846-8376. elderly executive vice president as well as principal diversity officer David L. Less than half of those aged 65-up (47 %) have actually broadband at house, baseding on http://netgraf.org the Bench Proving ground.

The pay-TV and Internet titan started the program in 2011 to provide discounted Internet service as well as computer systems to low-income families.